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Moving Day/Week/Month/Year, etc...

The background:

Why is it that everything seems to always happen at once? What I consider to be my main job is working at my local library. I also work part-time in an accounting office doing archiving.

The story:

For almost two years the library has been renovating. This means that we've spent the better part of that time working in less than 1/16th of the building with a very reduced staff while the rest of the building was being spiffed up. The last two months have been a doosy; we've had off with partial pay while that 1/16th was added to the rest of the renovations.

The problem:

Now we're all moving back into the main building and setting up to reopen to the public. Basically we're moving and setting up a whole new operation (the sheer mass of the library has expanded so much as to make a total overhaul of the present operating system necessary). They've had two years to do this. Now that they finally are, the accounting firm has decided to move. Both businesses have had over a year to futz around, and typically, they both decide to move at the same time! Thank you, oh so much.

The expletives:

This is supposed to be during my Christmas break. I worked my ass off at the end of last semester. All I wanted was a freakin' break!

Problem No. II


I am a full time student. I work in the library 15-20 hours a week (normally, sometimes more, never less). The accounting job is as needed, which is generally 10 hours a week Jan-Feb, 15 hours March, and full time in April. I'll ignore the rest of the year for now, as that's not all that relevant. On top of this I dog sit apx. 15-20 days a month. I get very tired. Thank god I don't have a kid.

The accounting office I work in is a cooperative of three different firms. I currently work for two of them. This new location is this first time the third firm is really sharing space with us.


So as we're unpacking, desperately searching for missing items, cursing, assembling computers, eating, more cursing, screaming at the phone to stop ringing, screaming at the moving guys to stop destorying, cursing, trying to figure out what the hell's going on, boss of company number three tells me that this year he's going to have me do his archiving. He doesn't ask, he just says. Fortunately he is a guy I can tell to stick it, but I have confrontation issues. Plus I'm too nice to say no. Wisely I didn't say anything as specific as okay or go to hell. I did ask his client count, and how soon into tax season he expects to get his work done, and naturally he had no answers for me.

More work=more money.

More hours.

The Question:

To work, or not to work? Do I have time? Do I like pretty green paper with dead guys on it?
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