November 17th, 2006

Buffy - Slayer Barbie

Survival of the Fittest

Hehe, I learned something new today. Did you know that goats and other horned browsers (such as sheep, but mostly goats) can get their horns stuck in a tree? Then they die of either starvation or something eats them. How embarrassing would that be? You've got these big horns to protect yourself and then a tree gets you. The British Museum actually has a gold statue of such an event, called "Ram in a Thicket". It's not morbid or anything. Actually it's quite cheerful (the statue). I just think it's hilarious that something could naturally be built with that kind of flaw in the architecture. You may notice most horned animals have horns pointing backwards to avoid this. Deer are an exception because they don't need to climb on a tree to eat its leaves.

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