December 10th, 2009

Buffy - Slayer Barbie

I'm Now Hooked on Supernatural

I've been wanting to give Supernatural a try for a while now, mostly because everyone on my friends list who watches Atlantis raves about it. I checked it out from the library (after nudging them to buy it, teehee.. I totally support the television industry)and watched the first three episodes about a month ago. And wow, it was scary. I can't watch any show/movie where a character says BOO! too loud, let alone down and out horror. Traumatized, I returned the dvds to the library, regretful that I was apparently going to miss out on a good show.

But weeks later I was still thinking about it.

So I tell myself to man up and watch it again (and you will like it, god dammit!). I bring the dvds home again and start where I left off. And amazingly, the horror was dialed down, now that the series had made it's dramatic entrance (or I was better braced for it, whatever). And yeah - it is REALLY GOOD!

I finished season 1 in two days, and now I'm marathoning the second season, cursing that I have to go to work and can't just be glued to the tv. I'm so glad I gave it a second shot! I have to hurry up and catch up so I can go read all the fanfic (of which I know there is a ton). :)

According to IMDb, the fifth season is live right now. I read on website that that's going to be the final season, which.. boo! Avast, c'est la vie. But I'm still stuck in a Dean!whump squee phase from the season 1 finale I watched last night. :)
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