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Poem: A Faer Warning to Ye All

Hehe, so, tomorrow being Sunday and all, I've decided I shall not set my alarm, and let fate decide when I will wake up. It's well earned I think. Two nights ago I collapsed in the bathroom and almost passed out on the tile floor when my blood pressure suddenly dropped. Yesterday I fell asleep in the library... and I NEVER ever fall asleep in public places. So yeah, I'm actually respecting my health for once BEFORE I get into a car accident on the way to school.

My mother hates when I sleep in. IT'S FREAKIN' SUNDAY!

So, as per my routine, I leave a sign on my door at night when I plan on doing this in the vague hopes that she'll leave me alone. About half the time it actually works. Sunday's usually a good day to do it.

Note: This is written on paper with a picture of a faerie taking up the left side. I bought it at the Renaissance Faire. This was to set the mood.


Beware the Green-Feathered Fiend,
For he is hungry and bites...
He awaits in his open cage to eat you
So begone; take flight!

Today is a day of slumber,
Of catch-up and respite.
When the weary may rest,
Before they continue the fight.

For those who think to trespass
So early this day
Be prepared to face the wrath of those within,
FOr they know all of death and decay.

I may write this maudlin poem
So that none will venture forth this way.
To the misbegotten few, remember
My last nerves are set to fray.

Later shall I awake and set
About my tasks so many.
I shall rise and work away,
Shackled and steady.

But until that time,
Do not be mother henny.
Let my efforts not be for naught
For I've used much ink and my hands are penny.

A weary body trembles,
Just needing a few hours.
And once I arise
Behold my writing powers!

For those of you
Who think I jest,
You know not the skills
In which I involuntarily invest.

Curling your blood is child's play.
With trouble and double...
Cauldrons will not hold
The chemicals I've set to bubble.

The skills I learn at school...
I can pick bones clean,
Bury bodies in ways
So they'll never be seen.

And if you think
I'm being too mean,
You'll be happy to know
I'm turning an aweful shade of green.

So go forth, good people!
Enjoy the day hence.
I'll rejoin you soon
As I've found my sense!



Green-feathered Fiend: My bird. He hates everyone but me. His cage is in my room and I leave the door open. He will attack anyone who comes in. :) I love him!

Why I'm so tired: Too many papers! Final projects, etc....

Know all of death and decay, blah blah blah: I study biological anthropology at school. As a consequence, I know all about decomposition (aka taxonomy) and good ways to hide bodies. Not that I deliberately went to school for that! Geesh, I'm not a psycho!
Tags: poem, school, whining (aka real life)
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