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New Fic: Only So Many Battles

Huh, so I've just posted my first Harry Potter fic. Weird. I never thought I'd actually write one, let alone now. I promised myself I wouldn't write anything else until I finished Under the Mud, but I was having a moment. A plot just kinda hit me, and for some reason I gave into my impulse to write (probably because I'm just too freakin tired to do any more homework and I know it). Within two hours I had four pages and a good premise. Normally it takes me a week to write that much. A fast writer I am not! So now I'm all proud of myself.

Only So Many Battles, Chapter One: Know Your Opponent

Summary: Voldemort is snaking his way into Harry's mind slowly, painfully, and it's killing him. If Harry can't stop Voldemort soon he knows he's worse than dead. And the one person who can save him is the one person he wishes would just as soon leave him alone.
Pairings: None! Not a one. Gah, get your minds out of the gutter people!
Genre: Angst/Drama
Word Count: 1392 (chapter one, anywayz)
Tags: fanfiction, harry potter
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