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Pet Panics!

Gah! Okay, now I'm panicking. My bird is sick and the time is ticking very slowly until her appointment with the vet. When I say my bird, I don't mean some cute little finch in a cage I can do nothing more than look at for three years until it dies. I mean my 14 (15?) year old parrot who sits on my shoulders for hours every day and has been my constant companion for most of my life. In 14 (15?) years she's never once been sick! She's just sitting in her cage looking miserable. She was sitting on my shoulder for a few hours before, but I finally had to put her down after she threw up. Did you know birds could throw up? I didn't! God, it reeked! What was coming out her other end was even worse. TMI, I'm sure, but feel free to stop reading. If she's not okay, I'm going to have a very big problem. Eee!

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