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Musings on Employment Prospectives

Just who will House hire? A few of my thoughts.

#24/Cutthroat Bitch/Amber... Doesn't stand a chance. House may like her cunning and competitive edge, but she cares more for herself than her patients. In the last episode, when she drew the guy's blood and it was GREEN!, her comment was that she wasn't fired, not that uh-oh, this guy's in trouble. Now you can argue that that was just dramatization, but I really feel that was in character. House knows that he already walks a narrow line between daring and cruelty with his patients' health. If he hires her, knowing the game-like manner in which he requires patients to be treated, it won't take much to put her squarely in the cruel category. He may like her as a person/co-worker, but he would never hire her.

#13... Actually stands a fairly good chance. She's full of mystery, which House absolutely loves, and is willing to play the game with her backstory. Most importantly, she's willing to try unusual things and to learn from them. Again refering to the last episode, when the two teams split to consider the case, she was the first one to come up with a diagnosis (the correct one, btw) and treat the patient (which, as House mentions later, is exactly what he wants from his team). She's forward with her ideas, but not arrogant about them (although that may bore House later). As for her fatal mistake with the pill swallowing, as House said, she definately learned her lesson. Which means she's open to learning more.

#15A... Who? Continued in 15B.

#15B/Fat Twin... She/They won't get hired, but I don't think House will outright fire them either. I think she'll/they'll just be too mediocre. Here we'll see an example of House's shallowness. I refer now to the scene where House tells them to shut up, they're distracting every male and lesbian in the room. He's kinda right, and it will continue to be a problem even if he hires just one of them. House loves his distractions, but when push comes to shove, he eventually does separate work from play.

#32/Vet Person... Again, who? She hasn't made herself distinguished enough. Again, I don't think she'll get fired, I just don't think she'll get hired.

#6/#9/Overly Excited Former Foster Child... Iffy. Oh, I love Kal Penn. I think in the end he'll annoy House too much to be hired. He asks too many useless questions and hasn't seemed to learn to stop. (We can write things down? Now we're on the points system? etc...) House requires his minions to be fast and able learners. He's not setting up a good background for that. However, he does have the shamelessness thing which House will absolutely approve of. Not to mention a penchant for creative, yet immature, solutions... get your patient drunk! How could House not love that? Plus, something about him reminds me a little bit of an early Chase. Just that same kind of innocent puppy look. Chase-lovers may flame me for that one. Although the creativity is certainly along the same path.

#18/Big Love... Good Possibility. At first I didn't think there was any chance. C'mon, a religious guy? However, his ability to incorporate rational argument into his beliefs is very similar to what is best in House. Big picture, House really does have a good handle on human behavior, even if he comes across a little misanthropic (although how misanthropic can you be if you repeatedly put everything on the line- career, life- for other people/patients). Way back in season 2? with the cancer girl, Wilson kept refering to how brave she was while at the same time coddling her. House was right about the contradiciton. I think this guy is very similar, without the nasty side. WOuld you pull an ass out of a pit on the sabbath? This guy would. Therefore: would you do anything to help a patient even if it goes against your original beliefs if I can prove it's in their best interest? Yes. Cuddy may even like this guy too. I can really see him bringing out the best in House. They might be good for each other. I don't think House will convert to any religion, but I think Big Love may help ease his outright rejection of it in other people.

#39/Plastic Surgeon Guy... Iffy. I think he has the right character and definately understands where to put his loyalties in the House/Cuddy dynamic. Who is she? Osama Bin Laden. He's certainly quick enough on the creative ideas, although he usually needs other people to get him started on the right track. I'd put him around 4th place.

#26/Scooter/Ridiculously Old Fraud... I hope so. I just love the actor from Stargate, but I think he'll help the show appeal to an even larger crowd (young folk are already mercilessly addicted). He really has the wit to keep up with House, without the nasty, distrustful undercurrents. I can definately see the two of them getting along swimmingly. He's experienced in life, which compliments most of his team's youth, but he is also extremely creative in his suggestions. The fact that he's not a real doctor may way him down though. House may need 3 qualified people to be able to do 100% of the grunt work.

#37/Grumpy/Brennan/Exotic Lover... No. If he wants the zip code and not the job, House doesn't want him. He'll keep him until he screws up, but he won't hire him. I think eventually living where he didn't intend will start to chafe and he'll take it out on the patients. Plus, what happens if he and girlfriend break up? He's outta here!

So, to summerize, in order of most likely to least likely to be hired:

1. Big Love
2. #13
3. Ridicuolously Old Fraud
4. #9
5. Plastic Surgeon Guy
6. Vet
7. Cutthroat Bitch
8. #15B
9. #15A
10. Grumpy

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