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Excellent, Smithers!


*happy dance*

I got the promotion at work today. (For what the heck I'm talking about, see previous post.) Now I get to play with computers instead of stupid people's minds (well I can probably still do both)! The Systems Management department is a behind the scenes department, not a public desk, so I may actually be able to get my purple hair back-- and isn't it really sad when that's how I judge how awesome my job is :-p

*fingers crossed on that*

The only catch: in order to be a full time employee of the civil service system, your name has to come off a list. In order to get on this list, you must pass a test. The test is only offered once every three years or so. I have not taken said test. The director, crafty one that she is, got around this by offering me a position as a librarian trainee. This is a better position than a full-time clerk, but has the catch of requiring me to be enrolled in library school (although it did come with the promise of a guaranteed librarian position once I graduate). I was planning on going, but I wanted to wait until the Fall and start at a normal time, plus have a nice little break. Fortunately I just need my name attached to a university, so I really only need to take one class. Which means I'm now scrambling like a mad man to finish my application, considering classes start in, oh, a month and a half! Ah! Thank god for rolling admission. I think I like it when everything happens at once, because then I don't have enough time to (over)think things through and dread what I know I'm going to do anyway.

So, all in all, yay! My life is in order.

Heh, my brother had to do a six month job search after he graduated. I just had one handed to me. Squee!

Oh god, I have to go write a personal statement now... I'm doomed.

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