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Visiting the Bro

Visiting my brother in Virginia. I don't get to see him often, so it's nice... in theory. We're still trying to figure out how to relate to each other in a peaceful manner (20+ years later). We usually look at each other blankly - what is this alien species we have here? (Or just make rude comments and walk away.) He gets points for finally making an effort though (sadly it's always been a one-sided attempt at a relationship).

I've spent the night sitting on his (very comfy) couch watching SG-1 on his (very big) tv. He's off doing... something. I'm pretty sure he's still in the apartment, I think. We have the best communication skills, don't we?

But we did get dinner (twice) - which I paid for (both times). And we did run around town like idiots trying to get groceries at 1am; as you can imagine, it was not a successful venture on New Years Day (but it's like, tomorrow already!). We'll just have to sleep through breakfast.

Btw, Subaru Impreza... not a good car for long distance travel when you are the passenger. Fun to drive, sure, but to sit in for 7-8 hours at a time, nuh-uh. My entire lower abdomen feels like it's been beaten to a pulp. The peppy ol' car's got quite a kick, and may be a fun racing car, but omg do I feel sick/abused (and I am *not* prone to motion sickness).
Tags: family, whining (aka real life)
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