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I just ran 5k for the first time in my life this evening. For me, this is quite an accomplishment. Sure, it took me an hour (58 mins), but hey - it was only my first time. I think I'll set a goal for myself to bring that down to 30 mins over the next month or so.

Tee heheehehehe!

It was probably funny watching me run - scratching my head - trying to figure out when I would finally hit the 5k mark. I did one of the pre-set programs on my treadmill, which will automatically keep going until I run 5k, but the display, as I found out while running (jogging), is in miles! I probably should have found out the conversion rate before I started. Oops. I had 2.2 stuck in my head for some reason - that's probably lbs to kg, right?

I also beat my personal record twice for longest time maintaining my maximum speed. I usually do a program where (after warm up) I jog for 2 minutes at 4.5 mph, rest for 2 minutes at 2.5 mph, and so on for 24 minutes. Now I've held that 4.5 for 3 minutes before when I was playing around with the program, but tonight I held it for 4 minutes and then 5 without knocking myself out!!! Now I know what you're thinking, she's getting all excited over 1 and 2 minute increments, but ya know what- every baby step counts! I now have some crazy sense of self-worth going on and I absolutely gained a shitload of motivation to keep working at this.

I didn't even cramp much and I didn't get off the treadmill shaking and panting. That is definitely a good sign. I totally need to push harder tomorrow. Haha.

5k. That just sounds so cool. Go me.

Btw, inspiration for this unexpected dash came in the form of a book recommended to me by dkaine called Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who's looking for an inspiration to stretch your horizons.

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