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Must not be lazy, must not be lazy...

The end of last term I was so swamped with schoolwork it was just impossible to keep running. I went from running 3-5 times a week, 30-60 minutes each time, to maybe once a week for 25 minutes. By May, I had to stop completely or I'd never finish my papers. As always, anytime I stop running, I have a very hard time starting again. Do you really blame me?

If last year was any indication, chances of me running this summer are very slim. Why, you may ask? No bleedin' air conditioning in the basement (home of the treadmill)! I'm not even remotely motivated/masochistic enough to maintain an exercise schedule in a 90+ degree sweat box. Well, this year I may be one of the very few people actively celebrating the slow retreat of the winter cool. So far, the basement has remained habitable. As a result, despite being swamped again with homework (I was up until 5am yesterday writing a paper), I have started running again. Hallelujah!

Amazing how my stamina's been shot to hell in just two short months. Boo.

To keep it interesting (and hopefully recapture some of the excitement I felt when I first started running), I've added weights to my routine. I'm only holding two pounds in each hand right now, but I'd rather work slow and steady and continue to actually use them than push myself too hard the first time and get discouraged. Plus I don't own any heavier weights. :-P

I actually felt the weights in my chest when I was running. Weird. I thought I'd feel it in my arms. Hmm.

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