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Do I Need to Watch My (Minority) Back?


Yahoo! posted an article about the upcoming census results, mainly saying the number of minorities is up significantly and the traditional married with children American family is no longer the average setup. Okay, based on my personal experiences, this is very true. Then I read the comments (87 were posted the last time I looked). And OMG. WTF?

Did somebody let the KKK out of their pen? The number of insulting remarks about minorities (namely Hispanics, Blacks and Jews) was ridiculous! Talk about the dark ages! I thought this country had moved past such blatant, ignorant hatred (as a whole, not individuals). Is it just a right-wing activist thing? So many people kept lauding Europe for it's white-dominant culture, etc. Seriously??? I doubt any of these people have ever been to Europe. Complain about having to know two languages? Most Dutch know six, and tell me they're not white!

If people want to make racist remarks, do it with style. Use historical references. Saying that Muslims have never practiced tolerance of other religions is outrageous. It may be an issue now, but then make the comment about now! Ever hear of dhimmi? Even the few defenders of tolerance weren't making intelligent arguments.

Complaints about other cultures' values mixing with traditional American puritan values in schools? Oh no, can't have that! The Earth is flat and evolution never happened, people!

I am officially dying my skin purple, creating my own language and religion, and moving to my own puddle of nowhere. Any diversity issues can then be settled between me, myself and I.

PS - What is up with this "Caucasian" business? I know, it's a personal peeve, but a Caucasian is someone from the Caucasus Mountain region - near Ukraine/Romania/Bulgaria/Georgia. Western Europeans are not Caucasian, much as people like to tell them they are.
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