splitbeak (splitbeak) wrote,

Does This Make Me A Bad Person?


70% Combativeness, 73% Sneakiness, 47% Intellect, 8% Spirituality

Violent and deceptive: You are an Assassin.

Score! You have a prestige class. A prestige class can only be taken after you've fulfilled certain requirements. This may mean that you're an exceptionally talented person, but it probably doesn't.

Skulking through the shadows... hunting their prey without remorse... Assassins are some of the most dangerous killers in D&D, and evil bastards to boot.

You're not necessarily evil, but you are both violent and sneaky. Chances are you aren't very honorable. Though who knows? You might have some noble goals, even if your methods tend to be... unorthodox. You might just be a Slayer of Domiel or something.

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Tags: quiz/survey
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