splitbeak (splitbeak) wrote,

Avengers Rec

Nobody Panic This Time by sauntering_down
9490 Words, Gen
Summary: The six of them just saved the planet from an alien invasion and a megalomaniacal dictator with mind-controlling magical powers. Thor’s a god, Steve is an enhanced super soldier, Bruce has serious anger management problems, Agents Romanoff and Barton kill people for a living, and Tony is… well, he’s Tony Stark. He’s the Iron Man, he’s an eccentric billionaire genius, he’s famous (sometimes for bad reasons, like that cock-up with the cleaning robot). And he flew an active nuclear warhead through a portal into outer space, which definitely counts for something. In short, they are pretty much the most amazing thing in the world right about now.

And yet he thinks that maybe this is the moment that defines them as a team – the one where Barton has a goddamn seizure in the shawarma joint and the rest of them panic and run around like headless chickens.

Tags: avengers, fanfiction, rec
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