splitbeak (splitbeak) wrote,

Harry Potter Recs

All I Crave is a Normal Life by cazgirl
216,000 Words (it's been a WIP for a long time, but even the unfinished story is so worth reading), Gen
Summary: Harry leaves the wizarding world after defeating Voldemort. Upon the death of his muggle boyfriend, Harry is drawn back into the wizarding world, but disguises himself from everyone. Harry renews his connections to his former life without anyone realizing he's even there.

Surreality by Perse
41,000 Words, Gen
Summary: Harry begins to have vivid dreams...happy dreams, showing what his life might have been like with his parents. But Dumbledore and Snape think this is the Dark Lord’s doing, and that it needs to be undone. Set at the beginning of 6th year.

Tags: fanfiction, harry potter, rec
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