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I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Woohoo! I'm on a roll!

Rather than staring at a computer screen wishing the world didn't exist and sinking into a little pit of oblivion like I always do, I was mad productive yesterday. I was up at some normal hour, took care of the dog at some normal hour, went to the bank and deposited checks from weeks ago, went to CVS, went to the post office and returned two packages that should never have darkened my door, sent nasty e-mails to the companies that inflicted the packages on me (that's big, I'm normally very anti-confrontational), painted a Christmas picture on the front door for my mom (took 3 hours!), and, oh yeah, stayed up all night writing a bio paper that's been killing me all semester. And yes, I finished it! Hallelujah! Then the next morning (keep in mind I didn't sleep, so the next day is arbitrary) I cleaned up my very messy room, payed my bills, packed (I'm house sitting for two weeks, leaving that night), and helped my dad with a computer something, all before I left to take care of the dog again and go to school.

After school I walked one dog, then ran off to volleyball at 7:30. The freakin' JV basketball team's game ran overtime, thus occupying our gym, and causing us to start an hour late and end an hour late. So at 10:30 I ran out to take care of the other dog, got gas, went home and finished packing, and moved into the house I'm sitting. My bird came with me to the house (can't leave him alone now can I), and was panicking the whole ride there, then freaked even worse when he saw the dog in the house. Clearly my bird needs more exposure. He still won't leave my shoulder.

So finally, at 2AM I get to sleep for the first time in two days, only to wake up at 8 again to take care of the dog, drive 20 minutes to take care of my regular doggie charge, and go food shopping.

I'm wiped.

But I got my paper finished (insert shit-eating grin)!

Tags: whining (aka real life)
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